‘Chronicle’ Director Talks Found-Footage Films & ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Screen Rant:
Chronicle arrived in theaters earlier this year offering a different type of superhero film. Instead of characters wearing spandex or disguising their identities under masks or heavy costumes, this unique story focused on a trio of teens whose chance encounter with an extraterrestrial meteor empowered them with psychic abilities.

With Chronicle arriving on DVD next Tuesday, I recently had the chance to speak with director Josh Trank about Chronicle (his first movie), the draw of found-footage films, and the rumors that he would be working on the Fantastic Four reboot.

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darklordzor2167d ago

Loved Chronicle and am eager to see more from this director...just not Fantastic 4. I'd rather see him do the Venom movie or just something new entirely.

Soldierone2166d ago

I'm at the other end lol....I think if he had a better main actor i would have enjoyed it a little more, so Fantasic Four will still be in my sights. However I don't want him touching a Venom movie anytime soon.

OSIRUSSS2166d ago

Who would Venom fight? Black Tom and Juggernaut? That could be awesome.

HenderShot2165d ago

Fantastic Four definitely needs a reboot.