Gamevolution: Avengers Review

Gamevolution writes that this movie is going to make Joss Whedon a household name. As a fan of Firefly and Doctor Horrible, I see this as being the most exciting thing to come of the whole fiasco. Comic book success can give a talented director more elbow room to pursue passion projects (Inception is brought to you by The Dark Knight) and if you thought my inner fanboy came out to see The Avengers, just wait until they announce Serenity II.

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LivingTribunal2201d ago

Why is there a picture of the "New Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes" as the thumbnail? Only two of those characters are in The Avengers movie.... :|

WilliamKosh2201d ago

True, but there have been a lot of pictures of the Avengers movie on the site for the past couple of weeks. I just felt like using something a little more visually interesting.