LRA: The Avengers - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: After four years worth of set up and an enormous amount of hype behind it, Marvel's The Avengers is finally upon us and as you will soon find out with this appropriately epic review, I kind of loved it. It's hard to believe that this moment has arrived, even with the insane marketing campaign Disney put forth, it is difficult to comprehend the fact that we actually have an Avengers movie. At this point it isn't even really about whether or not the film is any good, which it most certainly is, but with so much more at stake with its success it becomes more about how successful it is at establishing the Marvel universe itself. The days of the self contained super hero movie are over. The Avengers is not only a fantastic start to a potentially huge summer but also an indicator of greater things to come from Marvel in the future.

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HenderShot2231d ago

This shows that a movie can be both super profitable and well made. So glad Joss Whedon was behind this.