Kurt Russell Has Also Dropped Out Of Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'

The Film Stage:
Despite my unbridled anticipation for Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, one has to admit it’s been an up-and-down rollercoaster of casting since the first inklings, when Will Smith was looking at the lead role. Kevin Costner departed before production, and then Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently exited due to scheduling issues and now we’ve got two more actors we won’t see on the big screen.

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alycakes2236d ago

That's really too bad. I like him. I didn't care when Sacha Baron Cohen was out but too bad about Kurt.

fei-hung2235d ago

Is this a remake or sequel to the great and badass Sukiyaki Western Django?

HebrewHammer2235d ago

It's a re-imagined version, similar to what Inglorious Basterds was to Inglorious Bastards

darklordzor2235d ago

Hmmm...There seems to be a lot of people dropping out of the film. I wonder why. It can't all be scheduling stuff. Makes one wonder...

Deputydon2234d ago

Actually it can be from scheduling. Given how slow Tarantino moves on the writing and filming of his movies in recent years, it wouldn't surprise me.

fei-hung2234d ago

I would like to see QT make another original film.

I can't see this film being as good as the original. It was a weird yet wonderful film. A mish mash of a western, samurai and manga genres executed perfectly.

Takashi Miike is a genius.

Adolph Fitler2234d ago

QT as he seems to be now known as, to the trendy hipster types, in fact, this whole trendy, hipster, cocaine snorting 7 day a week attitude is the same thing Quentin Tarantino (as normal people call him) suffers from himself,.....he seems to have gone on a drug taking, ego snorting bender, straight after Jackie Brown.....he thought he was good enough to match it with hong kong & Japanese style chop sockey flicks,....yet the dumb shit failed to cast anyone of the martial art ilk (except the 1 young girl who was only in pt 2 anyhow), he cast a never was/has been old fool Carradine who was worshipped by dumbar$es for playing what should have been Bruce Lee's role in Kung Fu.....yet the unco-ordianted spastic wasn't a martial artists butthole, then Uma Thurman (does Tarantino wanna hit that or what?) another absolutely useless actress when it comes to the physicality of martial arts & the style Tarantino was supposed to be going for. In fact, Kill Bill was a western, so why is Tarantino making another western.

What he should be doing is hiring Kurt Russell back, getting of his Ego trip that he's the hottest commodity in tinseltown, & re-making Deathproof.....& using it's potential & the awesome character Kurt Russell portrayed for us as Stuntman Mike, & instead of giving us a sh!tty, bodgy, genre confused piece of turd & relying on Rodriguez to carry his name, he should immortalize Stuntman Mike as the next big thing in slasher/horror maniacs......that was the potential the character had. Deathproof should have been a powerhouse horror/slasher film, that quite easily could have seen sequels. Instead of Tarantino making us wait 30 mins, & being endured to watching that said 30 mins in complete boredom, (thinking, I could be watching real porn, instead of this cheap smutt), then finally after at least 30-40 mins, finally some awesome car-nage (pun intended), with the most original horror film maniac since Freddy Kruger, & him inflicting torture, pain & death on a poor girl in such an awesome original way, you think, wow, finally this film is going, then stupid drug fuelled Tarantino decides his audience are dumb, pig-mole$ting, hillbillied who'll get off on watching another f$#king 40 mins of girls in tight denim shorts that infrequently have there tops off, or the like........then after Tarantino has snorted some more lines, he ogles over said girls being filmed & writes the rest of his sript, which entails some horribly acting kiwi or something, lesbian stuntwoman overpowering stunman Mike, then the 3-4 girls he's pusuing turn the tables on him & go all fox force 5 on us & become master martial artists & kick the crap out of Kurt's once awesome character......all while Quentin p!$$es the Stuntman Mike character away, by having him beat up, reduced to a sobbing f%$king crybaby & eventually killed by a 12yr old girl.....Yeh, great movie Tarantino, you cocaine induced, shadow of a former writer & director, slob. He may have made a comeback with Basterds......but, this new forced western I am not counting an to be much good.

I wish Tarantino would just go back to trying to make good films......not trying so hard to make certain genres of films.....just let the riting come naturally, instead of forcing this sh!t.

Adolph Fitler2234d ago

Because a good film, is a good film, regardless of genre or such, & Tarantino may just be a director like Scocesee, that is best when it comes to the crime genre......well Quentin, I wouldn't care if every film you made involved the crime type genre, as, nobody can deny that his best work is Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown (I used to have a favorite of the 3, but now I reckon there all as great as one another for different reasons), Inglorious Basterds comes after these 4....I also really loved Dusk Till Dawn, but Rodriguez was involved as co-director which explains it's total awesomeness, True Romance was also awesome, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) Tarantino sold the script to another director to fund Reservoir Dogs, then finally Kill Bill 1 was O.K, I guess, if you looked at it as a western type hybrid thing. I don't include Vol. 2 as it is an abomination along with Deathproof.

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