First Details on 'Brave' Soundtrack

Upcoming Pixar:
One of the reasons that Pixar films are so memorable is their excellent musical scores. recently posted a listing for the soundtrack for Brave, which is now available for pre-order. Along with the cover art, the page reveals a few previously unknown details about the movie’s music.

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alycakes2203d ago

I'm going to love this movie...I already know that from the trailers but I also pay a lot of attention to the musical score in the movies and this one will make a difference to me too. Mumford & Sons is a great band...too bad they only have one song and Irish musice is wonderful anyway.

darklordzor2202d ago

I can't freaking wait for this movie. To be honest though, soundtracks in movies rarely have an impact on me. I'm deaf in one ear, so just about all of my listening attention goes to hearing the dialogue. Most of the time I never even notice the music.

alycakes2202d ago

That's too bad cause the music is incredible. The movie is going to be outstanding anyway and I know I'm seeing it as soon as it comes out.

HenderShot2201d ago

I have faith in Pixar. They can do no wrong.