Cole Hauser Joins Bruce Willis In 'A Good Day To Die Hard'

Cole Hauser has landed a pivotal supporting role in A Good Day To Die Hard, the fifth installment of the 20th Century Fox series that began with the 1988 action classic Die Hard, which hatched Bruce Willis’ indestructible John McClane character. John Moore is directing, with Jai Courtney playing McClane’s son and the plot set in Russia. Hauser will play a villain named Collins. It is the third time Hauser has been in a film with Willis; they previously worked together in Tears Of The Sun and Hart’s War. Hauser’s repped by APA.

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alycakes2232d ago

I'm surprised he hasn't made it any bigger than he has. I thought that a couple of the tv series he did were really good and both got cancelled and he doesn't make any movies where he is the lead...he's only done I guess he just hasn't had the best of luck.