The Avengers Credits Easter Egg Explained



The tried and true Marvel Studios tradition of inserting scenes with Easter eggs midway or after the credits of its films continues with The Avengers. And while the surprise reveal that comes midway during the film's closing credits -- right after the fancy actor roll call -- might make total sense to comics fans, there are surely a lot of you out there saying, "Just what the heck was that all about?"

Well, we've got you covered.

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aDDicteD1783d ago

I'm so looking forward to the avengers 2!

NewMonday1783d ago

Thanos is the Darkside of the marvel universe, he is unknown to no-comics readers because he didn't make any memorable appearance in other media, his story is cosmic level big, that is why he is hard to handle.

i predict he will tie to the next Thore movie, because the Gauntlet is in Asgard.

Deadpool6161783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Thanos does make appearances in Capcom's fighting games. He was the final boss in Marvel Superheroes and also a unlockable character in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

I find it funny Thanos has got some jealously issues with Deadpool messing with his "woman".

NewMonday1783d ago

yes he was in the game, but not enough to remember him.

Soldierone1783d ago

Honestly even if you didn't know who it was (which you should have gotten a good idea from the movie itself) you should still know its a bad guy coming for the next movie. Just like the end to Green Lantern, you don't need to know who it was to know what he will be doing.

As for this the only real thing that needs to be explained that isn't being explained, he is a powerful beast and the people that follow would absolutely destroy The Avengers in its current movie form. So more importantly than him appearing, is who will be joining The Avengers to help.

gaden_malak1783d ago

I figured he was going to be the villain in Iron Man 3. I suspect he will make some sort of appearance in that movie at the very least.

Soldierone1783d ago

Oh I think he has to do something of some sort. It would be nice if the movies start tying to The Avengers a lot more deeply than just after credit scenes. Maybe like each hero is fighting and then starts getting owned at the end of their respective movies?

ALSO I apologize, i realize my first post could be somewhat of a spoiler, but I can't edit it and say "spoiler" anymore....

quiddd1781d ago

No need to say that these easter eggs at the end of movie trend will continue.

With that in mind, if in fact that Thanos is the main villain in Avengers 2, at the end of the next iron man, caaptain america, thor would be an easter egg of Thanos just sitting from afar watching and learning/ calculating the strengths and weaknesses of each.