Confirmed: Ridley Scott’s 'Prometheus' Is Rated R (Updated)

The Collider:
There’s been heavy speculation over whether Ridley Scott‘s sci-fi horror film Prometheus would receive an R-rating. The blockbuster film carries a big price tag, and a PG-13 rating would probably mean a much higher take at the box office. However, when Steve spoke with 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman, Rothman said the movie “will not be compromised either way,” and the studio would accept whatever the MPAA handed down.

Update: Steve here. 20th Century Fox has confirmed Prometheus will be rated R for “sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language.” Our original story after the jump.

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alycakes2204d ago

I think this is good. I wouldn't want to compromise the story just to get a PG13 rating and this looks like it's going to be an awesome story.

ProjectVulcan2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Its fantastic. Honestly the aliens franchise was watered down a little with the later versus predator films, but most tragically was the preposterous kiddy friendly Terminator Salvation. Remember when Arnie walks up to the guy near the start and punches clean through his stomach? Thats Terminator. Not this weak nonsense McG knocked out

smashcrashbash2203d ago

Those films also watered down the Predator as well. The Predators in those films were pussies compared to the other movies. The Predator should have wiped the floor with the Aliens no problem.

darklordzor2204d ago

Thank goodness. We need to show movie studios that R-rated films can still be good and successful.

Human Analog2204d ago

Just one more reason to support this film. It takes no prisoners. I love ridley scott

reznik_zerosum2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

when u look who are writers and what they did before Prometheus u cant expect anything good + ridley didnt make good film for quite some time,but im still optimist ! pls be good

GamingManiac2203d ago

What movies did they make?

reznik_zerosum2203d ago

The Darkest Hour & Cowboys and Aliens lol

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