Summer TV Series We Plan to Watch

As the spring season passes by, you may be experiencing “Season Finale Syndrome,” of which symptoms include a cold empty feeling, depression and the inevitable switching off of your television set for most of the summer.

Before you click that Power button, consider some of the series premiering this season, sure to fill at least a small piece of your heart while you wait (and long) for the fall season premieres. Below you will find some information of summer premieres (at least the ones that aren’t completely lame). Let us know what you are looking forward to!

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alycakes2206d ago

For me sometimes there's even more to watch...Leverage is one of the shows I do keep up's a great show. That is only one show...I also want to see the last few episodes of The Closer because it's been one of my faves since it started 8 yrs ago...gonna miss it. The others that I can almost guarantee anyone would enjoy are The Glades, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, White Collar, And Razzoli & Isles.

gaden_malak2206d ago

Wait, America hasn't had series 2 of Sherlock yet?

Damn that's late.

But be sure to watch it, best series i've watched on TV.