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"Over the last decade and change, movie goers have been overwhelmed by a deluge of superhero movies. Most of them have been good to great, while others are best forgotten altogether. At any rate, it’s a good time to be a comic book fan who also happens to love movies. While Bryan Singer’s seminal X-Men flick is usually considered to be the genesis of the modern era of comic book films, it’s largely due to the success of the first Blade movie that Hollywood started setting its sights on funnybooks as the next big thing in the world of blockbusters. Either way, though, Marvel comics has played a large role in helping to usher in the current golden age of superhero movies, so it’s only fitting that they deliver what very well may be the best entry in the genre thus far."

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alycakes2239d ago

Best movie ever! I'm very proud to be a Joss Whedon fan and know that when he works on something I'll never be disappointed.