The Avengers Earns $18.7 Million in Midnight Showings; Breaks Superhero Movie Record

The Collider:
Hulk smash records, indeed. After a long, long, long wait for many fans, The Avengers has finally been unleashed on screens across the world. As with most highly anticipated properties, a considerable number of fans took the opportunity to catch the film at midnight last night—some brave souls even sat through the 13-hour Marvel Movie Marathon leading up to the midnight screening. I don’t think my body could withstand the latter, but I did catch a midnight showing and I wholeheartedly loved nearly every second of writer/director Joss Whedon‘s “mother of all superhero movies.” The film raked in an impressive $18.7 million in midnight tickets, making it the highest grossing midnight showing for a superhero title thus far, besting The Dark Knight’s $18.5 million take in 2008 (your move, The Dark Knight Rises). Hit the jump for more.

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alycakes2208d ago

I really don't pay too much attention to the Friday midnight earnings. I pay more attention to the full weekend from the midnight to the end of Sunday night. By Monday morning I look at the numbers then to see what they are.

Soldierone2207d ago

Same here, but I'm not going to lie its hard not paying attention to this one.

So far it basically seems it beats everything at every turn with the exception of Harry Potter....seems WB will be missing that one.