Push Start Review: The Lucky One

Vicki Dolley writes: "Despite the way the trailer presents itself, The Lucky One is a surprisingly good romantic drama film. Whilst mostly predictable, there are some real moments of emotion here that make it stand out from most standard, gentle romantic fare. Zac Efron (hanging up the microphone from High School Musical) plays Marine Corps Sgt. Logan Thibault, a man who discovers a photograph of a woman amidst rubble following a night raid in his third tour of duty Iraq, and tries to find the photo’s owner. Despite having no success in this quest, he finds that the photo brings him luck as he experiences several lucky escapes whilst men around him fall. On returning to Colorado, he finds himself deeply disturbed from the events of the war (flinching near an arcade where videogames involving war are being playing and nearly strangling his young nephew when the boy tries to play a prank on him, mistaking his nephew for an enemy) and so decides to take it upon himself to find the woman in the photograph and thank her for bringing him the luck he needed to survive Iraq. Although a little bland at times, Efron played the role surprisingly well, remaining likeable yet convincingly tortured by the events he witnessed."

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