Demian Bichir Follows Oscar Nom With Roles In 'Machete Kills' & William Friedkin's 'Trapped'

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Sometimes an Oscar nomination (or more importantly a win) bumps you into a higher echelon, with more prestige style scripts crossing your desk and doors opening where they were closed. Or, it doesn't. And though he earned a well deserved Oscar nod for his turn in "A Better Life," Demian Birchir's next couple of projects likely won't find him returning to the Kodak Theater Dolby Theater anytime soon.

Variety reports that Robert Rodriguez continues to cast up "Machete Kills" adding Bichir to a cast that now includes Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez and Mel Gibson with a bunch of more people who will probably be returing from "Machete." As you already know, the plot will center on our hero tracking down an arms dealer billionaire (Gibson) who plans to launch a missle to start a worldwide war. No word yet on Bichir's role, but we presume we'll find out more as the picture gears up to get in front of cameras soon.

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