Second After Credits Scene For Marvel's The Avengers Revealed


It seems as if the US will indeed be getting an extra scene at the end of the credits of Marvel's The Avengers. So, is it a set-up for Ant-Man, Doctor Strange or something else altogether? Well, it's definitely not what you might expect!

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edwest2179d ago

Marvel's franchising is getting out of hand. After all this build up for the Avengers, Marvel pulls the rug out again with yet another plug for movie we're ostensibly supposed to be hyped for, which in itself will be a plug for more movies.

Crazay2179d ago

How is the franchising getting out of hand? They've done nothing but give a little lead into their other characters and made quality movies based around those nods. If they were just crapping out useless uninteresting movies then I'd have to agree with you but look at the body of work.

These little cut scenes are fun.

gaden_malak2179d ago

Did you even read it? This second credit doesn't plug anything.

Crazay2179d ago

I read it and it's a little nod to something else in the movie. It's fun.

ZeeshanA2179d ago

Second credit sequence is a little joke which ties up something Stark says earlier in the film, nothing spoiler based. Also it is being shown only in North American screenings.
The real bonus is the first bonus which hints at a sequel of an even bigger scale.

2179d ago
Kingdom Come2179d ago

It's good to see that it wasn't as major as the first (of which I won't spoil), I saw the film on release date at IMAX and sat through the entire credits to ensure there wasn't anythig else. You guys in the US, this is a truly incredible film, I couldn't recommend it any more...

tiffac0082179d ago

Hahaha! Tony got what he wanted in the end. XD

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