Iron Man Recast? Robert Downey, Jr 'Would Really Hate' That

The actor tells MTV News he expects to play the superhero 'for a long while.'

With the Avengers finally assembling next week, Marvel Studios and the stars behind the heroes have already begun to look ahead to the next films set in the comic-book universe. At the closing night celebration of the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday night (April 28), Robert Downey, Jr. spoke with MTV News about the future of his character, Iron Man, and addressed recent talk about other actors playing the role in the future.

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alycakes2216d ago

I would really hate that too...but as years go buy and we all get older...I'm sure that day will come.

upallnightgamer2215d ago

Man! Remind me never to interview Robert Downey, Jr. He couldn't be serious for two seconds. I'm all for joking around (I especially love his answer to the first question), but damn, you could hear it in the interviewer's voice at the end that he was scared to hear what Robert was gonna say next.

rataranian2207d ago

MTV. haha! what a laugh. Apparently they know everything huh? Way to try to get hits mtv.