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Actor Paul Walker In New Orleans For The Filming of Hurricane Katrina Suspense Drama ‘Hours’

Washington Post:
Actor Paul Walker is shifting gears in New Orleans, where he is playing a father struggling to keep his newborn daughter alive in a New Orleans hospital ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Makers of the suspense drama, “Hours,” say this is one of the most challenging film projects yet for “The Fast and the Furious” star.

Walker plays the lead character Nolan, a grief-stricken man struggling with his wife’s death while trying to keep his prematurely born daughter alive in an incubator through power outages and rising floodwater and chaos when the two are abandoned in a New Orleans hospital after Katrina strikes.

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alycakes2184d ago

I might find this type of movie hard to watch. I like Paul Walker a lot but the story they are dealing with is one that will be a tear jerker and I don't like to cry at the movies especially if its going to be thru the whole movie.