Box Office Report: 'Avengers' Makes First Strike Overseas, Breaks Records


Joss Whedon's superhero mash-up opened Wednesday in a handful of territories, earning a stellar $12.5 million.

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Crazay1853d ago

This is going to be disgusting to see how much money this movie brings in the hype for it has been feverish for the last 6 months.

DarkBlood1852d ago

with this much money raking in, they have to make the avengers 2 even more awsome

alycakes1852d ago

I can't wait....I already have my tickets.

ReelKid1852d ago

just got back from watching it, deserves every cent.
Amazing film

batguyz1851d ago

just got back from watching,its amazing,go watch it

level 3601851d ago

Have seen the 3d movie and have to say it truly has the stamp of Joss Whedon all over it.

It is spectacular and witty, great 3D visuals and the audio supreme.

Don't get out of your chairs when the credits fall there is a surprise afterwards.

gaden_malak1851d ago

I was a little iffy on 3D so I saw it in 2D.

You think the 3D is worthwhile?

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