Hemsworth Talks Thor 2
"I'm incredibly excited about fatherhood. I am excited about Thor 2 too, but I think the biggest challenge will be fatherhood," he said.

Chris also admitted that he's not quite sure what to expect from the Thor sequel, although Tom Hiddleston is expected to return as his wayward brother Loki.

"I haven't got a script yet for Thor 2. I do get input into the script to a degree," he continued.

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alycakes2188d ago

I loved Thor. It was so much better than I was expecting it to be when I went to see it. I really want the second one to top the first one and I think it will. I guess this Alan Taylor didn't direct the first one? He has to be good to be doing Game of Thrones so I'm not too worries about it.

LivingTribunal2186d ago

God no. Thor 1 was great. Please don't screw up the way Asgard looks. It's supposed to be magical not a rundown castle...

If this happens i'll be sick to the point that someone will get hurt.