It's Official: Lindsay Lohan to Play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime Biopic

THR Live Feed:
Production on "Liz & Dick" will begin in early June in Los Angeles.

It's official: Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime's upcoming biopic.

The female-skewing cable network said Monday that the actress will play the icon in Liz & Dick, the TV film based on Taylor's romance with Richard Burton. Production will begin in early June in Los Angeles.

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alycakes2252d ago

I'm not sure they made the right choice but no one asked me and they didn't send out polls so now they just need to make it and wait and see. It's just a made for tv movie anyway and I'm sure since it's on Lifetime they will have those housewives watching but as much as I loved Liz Taylor...I'll pass on Lohan.

adorie2251d ago

This is such a slap to the face of Liz Taylor. She's the extreme polar opposite of Lindsay Lohan, 1,000 husbands aside. Lol. She had dignity, charisma, charm and of course looks that could send men by the dozens, reeling in ecstasy!

alycakes2250d ago

I know...they really made a very bad choice on this but even if she does her job and get thru the movie and completes it without any problems...I just don't think she's got the acting ability that she had when she was a kid.