The Dark Knight Rises Described As Better Than The Dark Knight

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Last month, Christopher Nolan screened a rough cut of The Dark Knight Rises for Warner Bros. which was received with a standing ovation.

Our source for inside info on The Dark Knight Rises has provided us with the following reaction.

Again we can't confirm the information, all we can offer is that the source has provided us with past news and rumors that have panned out. Just yesterday we were provided with news on the Man of Steel trailer.

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Crazay1800d ago

This is a pretty bold statement to make. I can't see how Tom Hardy's Bane is going to come off as a better villain then Heath Ledger's Joker.

MastaMold1800d ago

Cant wait gonna keep saying it till the movie releases

Crazay1800d ago

Its too early for anyone to say that in my opinion.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31800d ago

That's the thing about TDK though, Heath Ledger carried that movie. He totally elevated it and overshadowed a lot of the films faults.

krazykombatant1799d ago

My only dissappointment is that the film won't be 2hours+ :/ I was expecting something close to 3 hours.

Crazay1799d ago

Well it is over 2hrs.

krazykombatant1799d ago

ah yeah saw the other article YAY!