Is This The Official Run-time For The Dark Knight Rises?


An Australian cinema chain has posted a synopsis for Christopher Nolan's upcoming Batman threequel, along with (what appears to be) the official run-time. 3 hours? Not quite, have a look..

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Crazay2223d ago

This feels like the right length. There is such a thing as too long for a movie - Hellllooo Lord of the Rings. I'm looking at you.

rawrockkillz2223d ago

Whaaaat? I think the Lord of the Rings was at a great length.

Crazay2222d ago

Sorry dude. Lord of the Rings was boring and long winded. I'm not even convinced that I'll watch The Hobbit.

MastaMold2222d ago

Dont mind that time at all 3 hours i welcome it

fastNslowww2222d ago

Why does bane look so puny? I swear he better get jacked up in that huge monster he should become, with great use of CGI.