Critical Myth Review: The Avengers

Critical Myth writes "There’s no moment of The Avengers that won’t make you want to smile or laugh or cheer or cry or take a very deep breath. It’s more than a feat of filmmaking; it’s one of the best flicks of 2012 and possibly the best superhero movie of all time."

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led10902194d ago

Best superhero movie of all time? Hmm the dark knight can be beat???

Psychonaughty2194d ago

The Dark Knight is overrated, Batman Begins was a much better film actually, DK was just helped by a certain actors death (not to disrespect him though).

Captain Qwark 92194d ago

i disagree, imo both movies are excellent but i enjoyed the dark knight more. ledgers death had nothing to do with it, his performance as the villain had everything to do with it. i liked the league of shadows as a villain but i dont think they were even close to as enjoyable as a villain as classic as the joker.

also you may want to begin such a comment with "in my opinion" becuase somebody sounds a little cocky as though their opinion is fact.

also while the dark knight is prob my fav movie ever, its very possible the avengers will take that. i love thor and whedon is one of, if not my fav writer/director/producer

BlackTar1872194d ago

yea ledgers portrayal as the Clown Prince of Darkness was EPIC. Its up there with Val kilmer portrayal as Doc holiday just utterly classic and epic performances.

Kurylo3d2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

his performance being good had nothing to do with his death... batman begins was good, but lets face it.. did u rally give a shit about ras al ghul? With the joker i couldnt wait to see what he would do next.... ras al ghul .. i could care less about.

On a side note.. the avengers... well im sure it will be great... but i cant respect it as a drama like i can batman. Lets face it.. tony stark has ben disneyfied... awesome and enjoyable.. but hes supposed to be battling an alchol addiction...

-Superman-2194d ago

Its not... Just beucase this movie is like Transformers 3, dosent make it good movie.
I saw this Avengers movie, had 1 forest fight and 2hr had nothing else. Last 30 min had action fight in city. Well yes, like Transfomers, 1 little fight and then ending fight.
Wasent very good story. Rating is good beucase there are many differnet superheroes in 1 movie.

alycakes2194d ago

We'll have to wait and see about that. There is a chance that TDKR might not beat The Avengers.....and a chance that it will beat it so all we can do is wait and see.

I'm sure some fans will say one is better and some will say the other is better.

Master X 242194d ago

I agree that Begins was alot better then Dark knight. Dark knight was good but his death did help with box office numbers.