Warner Bros. Unveil Official Man of Steel Banner


Revealing the first look at the redesigned iconic 'Superman' emblem for Zack Snyder's forthcoming reboot, Man of Steel, Warner Bros. has launched an official Facebook page.

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mahmoods261821d ago

Its ok but we already knew what it looked like from the initial promo shot.

Crazay1821d ago

I'd just like to see some character shots or a teaser....SOMETHING! I suspect we'll see something at comiccon this year.

alycakes1821d ago

I think Comic Con is going to have a lot of very cool stuff this year considering all the movies that are coming out this year and next year.

Captain Qwark 91821d ago

i cant wait to see this. i have loved everything i have seen from it so far. and the casting is amazing.

tarbis1821d ago

The S is too fat. But, I can't wait to watch this film.

SilentNegotiator1821d ago

Too big in the middle and too skinny on the top/bottom. It's almost hard to make out.

Soldierone1815d ago

Have to agree, they should have added some lighting effects or something to make it seem thinner or pop out more.

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