Awesome Playboy Spread for Michonne of The Walking Dead

CBM says

Easy does it pervs this isn't a nudie spread, it's even better. This is the origin of The Walking Dead's Michonne. A special six page back story published in this month's Playboy.

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-MD-2035d ago

I'm still confused as to why they included this in Playboy. Would have served better almost anywhere else.

Best-Horror-Movies2034d ago

I thought it was an odd choice too, I'm just glad a came across this article.

Soldierone2034d ago

Yeah I'm not gonna buy a PlayBoy just to get this lol....I don't think the two crowds even belong together....

However looking at it, they made her look like a dude in the shot when she first comes out....

CynicalVision2034d ago

That's great and all but it doesn't really explain why the two chained zombies still don't TRY and attack her, they're not exactly intelligent.

Crazay2034d ago

They can't attack her - They have no lower jaw and no arms.

CynicalVision2034d ago

It doesn't matter, it would be their instinct to try and attack her.

aDDicteD2030d ago

so that's her story and the origin behind her 2 chained walkers beside her