Prometheus Images Show Alien Link

Best Horror Movies says: We received a high resolution copy of the Prometheus trailer from the studio and I went through the trailer frame by frame to capture a few images. What I found was more than I expected, the trailer moved so fast that I must of missed one of the most important elements. There is a alien (Xenomorph?) in the Prometheus trailer.

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Crazay2253d ago

You sure this is tied to Alien nad not Star Wars Episode 1? I mean....that's Watto isn't it?

No_Pantaloons2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

That's the space jockey..... you need to brush up on Alien, the first film, its how they find the eggs (facehuggers) that begins the whole ordeal.

Very cool looking pics, i like the atmosphere, and the polish, I'm somewhat skeptical since Scott seemed to restart this merely to compete with Cameron, but I'll be patient, hope he brings his A game and can deliver. I lot of us are counting on it.

Lord_Sloth2252d ago

Pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

Crazay2252d ago

That is 100% correct sir. I know who and what the space jockey is. And yes it's a very cool image. He just kinda reminds me of Watto from Star Wars. =P

Crazay2252d ago

It was said tongue in cheek. I'm well versed in the Alien series and mythology.

saintsudden2253d ago

It's not a xenomorph but it was in the first alien movie. it is a race that the production team called the "space jockey" and was found in the first movie by the Nostromo crew with its chest busted open.

caseh2252d ago

In the comics they are a predator of the Alien

Lord_Sloth2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

THIS is what they were calling the Xenomorph.

Yeah, it's just a carving in the wall but seriously, what the hell else could that be?

StarWarsFan2252d ago

This is the best image to come out of this marketing campaign.

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