New Japanese Trailer for Marvel's The Avengers Reveals New Footage

Coming Soon says

A Japanse trailer for Marvel's The Avengers is now online, courtesy of Yahoo! Japan and can be watched using the player below! This one differs quite a bit from the domestic trailer, offering new footage of Hawkeye in action, the alien antagonists and a surprise cameo from a familiar Marvel Studios movie character.

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Crazay1867d ago

I'm on the hunt for the Embed...Coming soon has it but I can't figure out how to get it here.

darklordzor1867d ago

Yeah this embed hasn't been easy to find. I've been trying all morning too.

StarWarsFan1867d ago

The frenzy is going global.

Soldierone1867d ago

Was somewhat hard to see the new footage because it kept going to crap every 15 second lol, but what i did see whats rather neat.

gaden_malak1867d ago

Who is the surprise cameo? I didn't see anyone/thing new?