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Wal-Mart In Exclusive Deal To Convert DVDs To Digital For $2 Each

LA Times says

Wal-Mart has unveiled an exclusive arrangement with five of Hollywood's top studios to convert DVD collections into digital copies.

Beginning April 16, consumers will be able to take their DVDs to about 3,500 Wal-Mart stores and have a digital copy stored in the cloud -- a storage system offering access from a broad array of Internet-connected devices -- for $2 each. Customers will have the option to upgrade standard DVDs to high-definition online copies for $5 each. (20th Century Fox, Industry, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros.)

Crazay  +   771d ago
Ya i think I'll be passing on this. I can make my own rips thank-you.
Soldierone  +   769d ago
Don't like the idea. Personally I read this and though HD would be included in the deal or something of that nature, but 5 bucks? Come on, its still over priced for digital.

This still comes with the punishment of buying it legally anyways. You buy something digital at the high price, and what do you get in return? A company sitting there making sure its "legit," The inability to transfer it to any device you want due to stupid "security," and strict rules about what you can and can't do with it.

What do you get if you pirate or rip it yourself using the programs Hollywood sues on a daily basis? Freedom to do whatever the hell you want.
Crazay  +   769d ago
I'm not on board with the whole doing away with physical media for a few reasons.

1. as stupid as it may sound I like sitting back and looking at my library. Rows upon rows of movies all lined up in alphabetical order on their shelves
2. I live in the country and pay an insane amount of $$$ for broadband that is still heavily capped. (3MB +80GB download cap = $98)
3. I like making my own rips when necessary for portable use. I don't have BluRay on every TV in my house and I sure as hell won't be changing that anytime soon so I have my own library in a digital format for those rooms hosted on my media server and can access the data anytime I want.
Soldierone  +   769d ago
I agree with every point. Do you ever sit there and look at your library and find a movie you forgot you had, or something suddenly looks good? I never do that with digital, it ends up being the same thing. That and normally you are forced to delete ones to get new ones, and forget about those.

Plus one main concern is sharing with people. Go to a friends, grab a few movies and go. Not an entire bluray player or hard drive that may or may not actually work and be "allowed" to work with whatever they have....This is where money comes before the consumer. They don't want you to "share" period. Someone else wants to watch the movie at all? They need to pay....and its a horrible business model.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   769d ago
1. Me too. I love my movie and my game collection, all neatly filed by format/system... If it were not for physical media i would not have a "collection" i would SOLEY be using services such as Netflix/Gamefly.

2. I currently have unlimited data usage with my provider but lets be realistic... For how long? Once everything becomes digital and on "the cloud" ISP's will implement the cap and charge us out the ass just for access to said content.

A. I will NEVER, ever, everrrr purchase any form of media without receiving something tangible to OWN and hold in my hand. We should not have to rely on an active internet connection just to watch a movie or play a game that we already purchased. Humans as a race are putting WAY too much responsibility in the hands of computers/ internet/ technology. This is making us weaker as a whole...
Crazay  +   769d ago
Happens all the time where I think "Oh shit! I forgot about that movie. It's been ages." and then I toss it in and watch it.
alycakes  +   769d ago
I'm the same way...I love my collection of movies in alphabetical order...I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I also watch my movies over and over. Sometimes it might be a year or two but on days that I am sick and I am forced to stay in bed for a couple of day (like this week) I watch my movies because there is nothing on tv during the day and I get so bored.
parasit3  +   769d ago
Do it yourself, PC users. It's not that hard. Just download free software, get a $20 DVD burner internal drive installed, and rip whatever DVDs-CDs you got to digital formats. Buy yourself a hefty 500GB-1TB for permanent storage, if you aren't using one.
kingPoS  +   769d ago
What's this! walmart charging over something you can do
yourself. What else is new.

Hmm Xvid/Divx/mp4/h.264 VS the cloud

Having to put up with needing a network conection VS
stuffing as many video files as possible into memory.
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MinimeJer05  +   769d ago
I'll be riding the physical formats for as long as possible. Digital just isn't the same.
nikrel  +   767d ago
I love digital for one thing. My children's films, they are 2 & 4. Kids are rambunctious so I copy all their DVDs to digital and store on ps3 had. Makes it easy and they can't ruin it.

I won't pay for something I could do myself
aDDicteD  +   767d ago
i'll pass on this one
DarkBlood  +   761d ago
wish i could learn how to do what you guys did for doing digital copies alot of my blu-rays dont have them like terminator or terminator 2 since they arent new releases anyways

and somehow put it on a iphone or whatever portable devices i can bring with me for my workout and cardio or walking outside at night would make ingore time very easly lol

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