John Carter - CHUD Review

CHUD: John Carter is a good film and it’s worth your dollar. It’s so much better than what you’ve been led to believe. Given its Pixar pedigree, it fits in very admirably with the greater Disney pantheon.

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MinimeJer052272d ago

Great review. Looking forward to the film a little bit more.

alycakes2272d ago

I'm really want to see it now after watching that 10 minute clip of it. It left me wanting to know what the heck they were seeing at the top of those mountains when he was still on I have to go and find out.

MinimeJer052272d ago

Same here! I was kinda disappointed with that clip because it didn't show a damn thing and then all of a sudden they look up?!?!

Soldierone2272d ago

Got a free ticket, have been excited since want to sell tickets? give away some :P

aDDicteD2271d ago

nice review, planning to see this movie