‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Photo Reveals Ship And New Kryptonian

Nuke The Fridge says
Greetings Fellow Citizens!

This is “Jurassic” Joshua Ballze reporting….

So here we have our most recent pic from the set of Man of Steel, which may be our last update for a while ( or maybe not ), but you never do know here at Nuke the Fridge. Also, for our Facebook followers we promised something special, that being a cleaner and better look at the pic which you too can see by liking our facebook page here:

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Crazay2182d ago

Hooray for Blurry cam!

StarWarsFan2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

When is a trailer for this going to come out already?

aDDicteD2180d ago

hope there's more pics and news on this movie