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First Look At Ryan Gosling In 'Only God Forgives'

IW - Riding high off the fumes of "Drive" which had just won Best Director at Cannes, last summer FilmDistrict was set to re-up with Nicolas Winding Refn for his next film, "Only God Forgives" reteaming him with his totally brotastic bud, Ryan Gosling. Well, it seems the winds have changed somewhat dramatically.

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Blink_441879d ago

This movie sounds promising

MySwordIsHeavenly1878d ago

I hate that this guy keeps taking my ideas for films. DANG IT!!! Chronicle screwed me over, too...

Stop being original and awesome! I haven't even gotten to Hollywood yet!

Laxman1878d ago

After his performance in Drive, I am a massive fan of Gosling. Look forward to seeing this.

StarWarsFan1878d ago

Now that image is dramatic.