The 10 Best Sex Scenes in Horror Movies

Sex and violence undoubtedly go hand in hand in horror, which is why sex is such a strong part of the genre. Sexuality is an important undercurrent in many a genre film, and let’s be honest here, sex and skin sells, especially to a male audience.

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Arcee2039d ago

Pretty impressive list. I haven't seen Vampyres yet, but it is definitely on my radar now.

Soldierone2038d ago

I'd imagine this list would be rather hard to make....I mean almost every horror movie has sex in it these days lmao

IWentBrokeForGaming2038d ago

a horror film without a sex scene and nudity is just a crime!

Play2Win2037d ago

wow, the nekromantik description of a scene sounds sick

2033d ago
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