The Bourne Legacy Trailer: Jason Bourne Was Just The Tip Of Iceberg

CB - This summer Jeremy Renner is tackling the difficult task of taking over the Bourne franchise from Matt Damon, playing a completely different agent inducted into the secretive world that Bourne first introduced us to. Today we're finally getting our first look at Renner as the new super-spy, in a teaser trailer that debuted at Apple. You can watch it there in HD, or embedded below.

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alycakes1803d ago

I think Jeremy Renner is going to pull this off very well....looks good.

TheWolverine1802d ago

i could definitely see this

contra1571802d ago

This could be hit or miss.looks like it could be intresting .

krazykombatant1802d ago

Well I guess the first three movies were off the books, and now they can just continue to do whatever they want with the movies. No jason bourne in the movie and they still have his name in the title...