FOX Extends "Alcatraz" Run, Gives "House" Break in March

The Futoncritic - FOX has extended the run of newcomer "Alcatraz" by two weeks while "House" will sit out the month of March.

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Blink_442507d ago

Give Alcatraz a second season already

alycakes2506d ago

I think they will...keeping my fingers crossed. I watch House still because he's his old self again now that Cuddy is gone but Alcatraz is on after House so I watch both of them.

I just don't want them to cancel Alcatraz.

eak32506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Alcatraz has been surprisingly good. I was so-so when it was first announced and was a bit meh after the 1st couple episodes but have been sticking with it and its growing on me. And after watching the Touch pilot, the Touch/Alcatraz line-up could be a winner.