Multiple Endings Written and Shot For TDKR

CBM says

It's not uncommon for Directors and Screenwriters to have multiple endings in mind for a certain film, but according to a tip; there could be as many as 4-5 multiple endings written (and in some cases, actually shot) for The Dark Knight Rises.

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alycakes2232d ago

They had talked about that because they didn't want anyone knowing how it was going to end. Nolan didn't even know at first how he wanted it to end. He said he was at odds with it.

Crazay2232d ago

Regardless of his decision, I want to see ALL of them finished on the Bluray release.

cloud4952231d ago

Yes, that would be awesome.

eak32232d ago

Just taking a stab but I think the 1st ending in the article is the most likely one.

iceman29292231d ago

I want to see all of them...