MTV Reviving 'Punk'd,' Ashton Kutcher to Produce

EW - After months of rumors, MTV is officially reviving the hidden-camera prank classic, ordering a new version of Punk’d to series. Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher are back on board as executive producers. But the show’s host is a different question.

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MinimeJer052377d ago

I actually enjoyed this show. I wonder who's going to host it though?

JL2377d ago

I enjoyed the show when it was on, but this sounds like a bad idea. I'm all but sure this will some crappy cash-in that will just feel bland and been-there-done-that.

Blink_442377d ago

Especially if they have a no name host it.

I still like watching the re runs

alycakes2377d ago

I didn't watch then and I won't watch it was just a little dumb to me and over done at times.

Blink_442377d ago

you dont like pranks???

alycakes2377d ago

I don't mind small pranks between family and personal friends but I think they take it too far from what they show on the commercials. My brothers and sisters and I used to pull a few on each other when we were younger and we had fun trying to beat each other but you have to know how far you can go before you actually hurt someone or anger someone.

aDDicteD2377d ago

using different celebrity hosts on each episodes.. hmmm.. hope it's a click

Blink_442377d ago

you could be on to something..

StarWarsFan2375d ago

First Fear Faction. Now this.