IGN - Dexter: "This is the Way the World Ends" Review

While Travis might think that he's both the Alpha and the Omega, the end of Season 6 just might give the show a new beginning.

So. All in all, not a bad Dexter finale. The icky, gross "Deb is in love with Dexter" story played out exactly like I hoped it would - with her feeling as close as she possibly could to Dexter right before...

...the moment the series has been building up to!

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Crazay1959d ago

I dunno how I managed to get this posted without ruining it for me but I pulled it off. Can't wait to watch it tonight.

pomoluese1959d ago

I felt like the finale was pretty lackluster until the very end. I guess the ice truck killer hand is going to play out next season. Or they'll just gloss it over like Rita's murder.

Crazay1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Love this show. It's easily one of my absolutely most favorites of all time.

pomoluese1958d ago

It was one of my favorites, but I've felt like the past two seasons have been far reaching on what we can believe Dexter would get away with.

StarWarsFan1956d ago

The last scene was the best of the season.