Bootleg of The Dark Knight Rises Second Theatrical Trailer

CBM says

Enjoy it while it lasts! This is the new trailer for Christopher Nolan's third installment in the Batman franchise!


The original video was taken down, but you can find another copy at the following link:

Update #2

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Crazay2348d ago

I liked that video alot actually.

If the vid goes missing again, just let me know via PM I have more sources.

aDDicteD2347d ago

can you post some other links,, it's not working anymore,, tnx ^_^

aDDicteD2348d ago

very nice! ^_^
it's nice they are showing more of the catwoman on this one,

MinimeJer052348d ago

Lookin' good! Only reason to see Sherlock Holmes this weekend.

Crazay2348d ago

That's one hell of a football scene

Captain Qwark 92347d ago

agreed man, its suppose to be sad but its actually kind of funny lol dude is running, being chased, maked the touchdown, looks back to say ha f*ck you guys! then is like wtf, where is everybody :/

koouunn2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

god damn, must wait till this weekend to watch this trailer, damn u finals : (

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