First Official Prometheus Poster Arrives

Alien Prequel news says

While fans are eagerly awaiting the first Prometheus trailer, which was rated last week and should be just around the corner, it seems wheels have started spinning in the marketing department at Fox.

A trustworthy reader has just sent me a photo of the first official Prometheus poster, which should be hitting the web in the next couple of days. The poster also reveals the tagline:

"The search for our beginning could lead to our end"

There have been numerous fan made posters floating around for a while. Some very good ones, and some quite ok, but here I can finally present to you the real thing:

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Blink_442353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )


aDDicteD2353d ago

so that's the official poster.. it looks nice.. hoping to see more of this one

Crazay2353d ago

Here's the official High res. Am updating the post.

StarWarsFan2353d ago

I can't wait for a trailer.

EverestGirl2353d ago

I wish Sigourney Weaver had a cameo in this.

Lord_Sloth2353d ago

She might. Never know.

I'd love to see Bolaji Badejo make a cameo. That'd be so awesome!

Crazay2353d ago

Please refresh my memory as to who that is.

Blacktric2353d ago


That's the guy who wore the Alien suit in the first movie.

aDDicteD2353d ago

^_^ that's a nice thought,, but maybe it wouldn't happen