IGN - Once Upon a Time: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" Review

IGN - Sheriff Graham is starting to remember his fairytale life. One drunken kiss with Emma sets off a series of flashbacks that lead him to his untimely death. As many people suspected, Graham's true identity is the Huntsman. He was sent by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White, but he has too much heart and can't commit the deed. As punishment, the Evil Queen cuts out his heart so he can't feel anymore.

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Blink_441988d ago

Sucks that Graham died, he was starting to become my favorite character

alycakes1987d ago

I that is a mean witch....and you can change the w to a b! There is no way she's going to let anyone survive if they all start remembering one at a time.

Blink_441987d ago

Yeah, that's gonna make things interesting

aDDicteD1986d ago

haven't watched this one yet. looks good and maybe i'll start watching this one

EverestGirl1986d ago

I love this show. Graham dead... that's crazy.