Top Ten Alien Invasion Movies

Check out which alien invasion flick made the cut in this updated version Matt's Movie Reviews Top Ten Alien Invasion Movies list.

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aDDicteD2140d ago

too bad that i haven't watched the thing which was no.1 on that list.... but why is superman 2 on that list? i know that he is from another planet but really..? superman 2 on top ten invasion list..^_^

Blink_442140d ago

The thing (original) is amazing u really should see it.

aDDicteD2140d ago

watching it right now on netflix ^_^ the list made me do that LOL ^_^

alycakes2140d ago

Haven't seen The Thing yet but plan to and I'm sure it's great. Aside from that Invasion of the Body Snatcher was always one that creeped me out and Signs was great. The other one I liked was a little stupid but good They Live...I loved that dumb movie...don't know why.

StarWarsFan2140d ago

Signs is a bit overrated. And what about Close Encounters Of The Third Kind?