K3LOID: Live Action Mech Short

Its hard to explain this one. K3LOID, a Russian short film by “Big Lazy Robot VFX”. A movie where it seem humans are not the dominate species any more, robots are. In the trailer for K3LOID, it shows an highly advance robot military group searching for a rouge robot. From the minds of Greg Broadmore (District 9) and Aaron Beck (Avatar) It looks bad ass! We are keeping our eyes on this one.

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alycakes2326d ago

This actually looks pretty cool...don't know that I would pay to go to the theater but I would watch it on dvd.

EverestGirl2326d ago

It's mentioned in the article, but I didn't love District 9.

aDDicteD2322d ago

district 9 was a very nice film

Lord_Sloth2326d ago

Those aren't mechs. They're SWAT dudes in a Power Suit.

tarbis2325d ago

very nice looking film =D

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