Patrice O'Neal Dead

The Huffington Post writes:

Patrice O'Neal, a fixture in the New York comedy scene for two decades who was most recently seen in the Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen, has passed away according to sources close to the comedian.

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Blink_441940d ago

Sad news, I liked him in the office and he was funny on the roast of Charlie sheen

alycakes1939d ago

Oh, yeah that was him...he was funny. Big guy! That is so sad though. So many people are just dying too young these days.

StarWarsFan1939d ago

It's a damn shame at such an age.

loudhugo1939d ago

too bad seemed like a nice guy

MinimeJer051939d ago

Never knew him, but a death is always sad. RIP.

SITH1938d ago

He will be missed. A super guy.