'Community' Pulled From NBC's Mid-Season Schedule

NBC announced what its plans were for the mid-season are and they don’t include Community.

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Blink_441932d ago

Hmmm interesting, I haven't watched any of this season because I didn't watch any of the second.

TrendyGamers1932d ago

You are really missing out. It got a lot better in Season 2!

LettingGo1932d ago

Better?!? Season 1 is the best season of a show in years!

TrendyGamers1931d ago

Exactly! And Season 2 improves upon it.

pomoluese1932d ago

I just don't understand how Whitney could be doing better than Community.

koouunn1932d ago

its because community is up against big bang theory, so the viewers are split on them (big bang gets like 10 mil viewers)

and whitney , which is a piece of shit show, follows the office so they piggy back off of the office viewers

TrendyGamers1932d ago

Yeah, NBC doesn't seem to realize that Community is up against another great comedy.

I just really hope that chelsea handler comedy gets cancelled so Community can come back.

LettingGo1932d ago


This is the worst thing to happen to television since Arrested Development was cancelled.

koouunn1931d ago

this is eerily similar to that, which is so sad

RIP arrested development

pr0digyZA1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Ye Iove these crazy comedy shows that are so out there. I really hope this doesn't get cancelled. 6 seasons and a movie.

StarWarsFan1931d ago

Well, this doesn't seem like a good sign.

Camb316911931d ago

Love the show. This is very disappointing but expected. I hope it doesn't get cancelled after they finish off this season, because that's what it's sounding like.