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Catwoman in Newark & Batwing Spotted On New York City Rooftop

CBM says

Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale made an appearance at the Newark set today. Click the jump to find out details and to see pictures from today's Dark Knight Rises activities.

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darfreeze1937d ago

sooo, does Catwoman have ears in this movie?

Blink_441937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Don't think so but I may be wrong.

Crazay1937d ago

You are wrong - she does. they're part of her goggles.

Blink_441937d ago

I must be thinking of one of the first pictures of her that was released- where she didn't have any.

youndamie121937d ago

looks like it look at her hood when she is leaving

pomoluese1937d ago

Yeah she's pulling down on it and they're still poking up. Surely it's ears.

StarWarsFan1937d ago

I think I like the hood more than her costume.

judoka24131936d ago

I think i like her more then her hood!

gdogg6661937d ago

ok i love batman and everything but why does people want to spoil the movie with unfinshed fight parts and what not?

Crazay1937d ago

This is the kind of thing that people want to see. I didn;t watch any of the videos I posted, but I posted them because ppl want to see it.

pomoluese1937d ago

The only way it can be spoiled is if you actually click on the link. There are some people that like to pick apart every piece they get before the movie is released to theorize what is going to happen. It does keep the message boards going.

Crazay1937d ago

things like this certainly do make for great cannon fodder.

loudhugo1937d ago

yeah im not gonna watch this kind of clip/images

Crazay1937d ago

For sure - if you really don't care to see or learn more about the movie prior to seeing it and want to stay a "virgin" to the movie, then I agree. I'm in that same boat. I want to see cool pics but don't wanna watch the videos.

alycakes1936d ago

I like keeping up with what's going on and I really don't think it gives anything away about the movie. They really don't show that much to tell us what the plot really is.

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