Benicio Del Toro Up For Star Trek Sequel

Coming soon says

J.J. Abrams untitled Star Trek sequel may have found its villain. Variety reports that, while nothing is yet official, Benicio Del Toro is expected to be offered the role imminently.

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Crazay1969d ago

he'd make a great Klingon.

JL1968d ago

That was my first thought when I read about this yesterday. Couldn't decide if it sounded racist though lol

Crazay1968d ago

AHAHAHAH!!! That's too funny. Not racist man - it's a testament to his acting abilities and his over all look.

Blink_441968d ago

Looks like hes gonna be a busy guy.

alycakes1968d ago

That's good...he hasn't really done much lately so it's about time he got back to work.

loudhugo1968d ago

yeah he better start making good movies again :p

pijinio2121968d ago

Hurry the hell up with star trek 2 already......

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