Universal Brings Back Original Writers For 'Wanted 2'

Things for a Wanted sequel appear to be in motion as the studios have now hired the writers for the first movie to come back for the second.

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Prophet-Gamer2269d ago

The first film was pretty fun, not great, but not terrible either imo. Looking forward to a sequel.

alycakes2269d ago

I really enjoyed the first one. Too bad Jolie had to die in it so she can't be in this second one and neither can Morgan Freeman but if the main character is back on it I think it can be a really good movie with the same writers.

Quagmire2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I read somewhere that it could be a prequel about how the Assassin's group were formed, therefore having the original characters, save for James McAvoy, which is unfortunate.

alycakes2267d ago

That would be great if they would do it that way.