10 Action Sequences that Defy the Laws of Physics

Den Of Geek writes:
With the stunt-filled Fast Five out on Blu-ray and DVD this week, here’s our list of some outlandish movie action sequences that appear to defy all known physical laws.

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StarWarsFan2473d ago

Gone In 60 Seconds had a rad car jump near the end of the movie.

KingPin2473d ago

that car jump was cgi.

StarWarsFan2473d ago

It was still an outlandish sequence.

KingPin2473d ago

true true.

but sometimes you just have to exaggerate the action. makes it for enjoyable.

best outlandish sequence for me was in transformers 3- the sliding-down the-building one. no way in hell is any of that possible but have to say it was enjoyable to watch.

mjsmufc992473d ago

the car jump in The Man with the Golden gun when the car does a 360 over the bridge lol! Classic

KingPin2473d ago

surprisingly, that stunt, as outlandish as it was, was actually shot in real time. no cgi. apparently its the hardest stunt ever performed in hollywood and it was never repeated in any other movie.

2472d ago
Quagmire2473d ago

Physics? Where we're going, we dont need any Physics.

Thats Hollywood for ya.

ainsz2473d ago

Was that a back to the the future reference? I wasn't quite sure..

Whoooop2473d ago

Sorry, but nothing tops Speed's bus jump.

jeremyKX2472d ago

I think the True Lies one is believable. Not sure that the weight of a person would fully hold down a missile...