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Leaked Unaired Wonder Woman TV Show Pilot

The Wonder Woman TV Show pilot and has been leaked online! 1upHero has found it and linked for you guys to view at your pleasure. Not to mention a discussion about the episode. (TV, Wonder Woman)

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tarbis  +   1430d ago
I am so glad this was rejected. Adrianne looks fine as WW but the story is... ugh.
Guess nobody can top Lynda Carter's WW.
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Crazyglues  +   1430d ago
Leaked My A$$, this was a test to see how much money they were about to lose on this, and I think it's clear to see, A whole lot..

First Let me just say, they don't get it, They don't understand how to bring Wonder Woman back for 2011's TV market..

You can't just do wonder woman the way she was back in the day, you have to change everything, without messing up what fans know and love.. (Not easy by any means)

They did some things right, Adrianne as wonder woman did not feel like the best pick but she grew on me, and her acting was flawless... sadly the others were awful, but I blame the script and the way it's put together..

Let's start with the yellow lasso, lose it - it's cheesy and stupid for a 2011 Wonder Woman - bring her powers up to date..

what worked back then can't work today, that's an old wonder woman... if your going to re-make it you have to re-make it.

She should be strong but not that strong, if she can handle anything that's coming what's the point of watching the show - (you don't watch hero's and think oh they can handle whatever bad guy comes so I know they will be fine)

No! every super hero has to have a villain who has enough power to hurt them or take them down.. or the battles are pointless.. -it's 2011 she should get hurt or at least look like she was in danger..

Background story is going to be key if they want people to watch this as a TV show... you have to build up to wonder woman...

I feel Like I could go on and on, but this is pointless as I'm sure this will just be cancelled...

too bad too because they had some good here.. it just needs a lot of work..
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iamnsuperman  +   1430d ago
I kind of like this in a geeky kind of way. Ever since Stargate series ended I needed another geeky show. My search still continues
outwar6010  +   1429d ago
Darkspade  +   1430d ago
Why is there no background Story? Wasn't to bad for a cheesy super hero TV show, Also I thought her plane was invisible
Sugreev2001  +   1430d ago
Never liked Wonder Woman in the first place,and the show looks admittedly awful.
blackbirdi  +   1430d ago
awfull and shit
KMCROC  +   1430d ago
I would watch this just cause of Liz Hurley & Adrianne .
Garrison  +   1430d ago
I actually liked it, the costume needs work thou.
Jahad  +   1430d ago
Just watched it...and just no simply no...glad this was cancelled. I'd rather hoped it would be an origins story kinda thing but no. Liz hurley is still hot!!! I think as far as Wonder woman goes it's best to leave her to the animated and comic books...live action just doesn't work.
Belasco  +   1430d ago
And this is why DC characters simply don't translate well to film, because the concepts behind them are lame. The Vertigo characters would fare much better, although they are not household names like WW and Superman.
darklordzor  +   1429d ago
Wonder Woman in general is hard to bring to life, whether it be the small or big screen. It's not an easy character to handle, and they did a poor job of it here. I'm not sorry to see this show didn't get picked up, but I'm not eager for another attempt either.
alycakes  +   1429d ago
I don't think it would be that hard to do but It's just that on tv super hero shows just don't make it as well as at the movies. I liked the show "The Cape" last year but it was cancelled. I thought they did a good job bringing it to TV but it was still not bringing in the fans.

I think the same thing would have happened to Wonder Woman but only because people now think that a superhero belongs at the theater for some reason.
Vortex3D  +   1429d ago
With TV limited budget, the TV producers need to understand having a strong story is more important than actions to keep the series interesting and alive.

I have seen TV shows that tried to attract audiences immediately by having heavy actions on the 1st few episodes and then failed because they never planned a proper strong storytelling from the beginning. After a few episodes, they keep trying to fix the series and usually canceled before or after the 1st season ends.

There are also series that didn't burn through the budget immediately but dragged the story way too slow trying to extend the limited story materials or ended up with too many filter episodes do with nothing.
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Vortex3D  +   1429d ago
Something Hollywood frequently forgets. Having a strong story is important especially to bring comic character to live. As a TV show, character development can be done through the episodes but having a strong story is critical to start the series.

The good old days on TV, as long there's cool costume comic characters running/flying around on the screen, they usually will stay in the air for the young viewers. Not today.

Is Wonder Woman got canceled before airing the pilot because of The Cape? Better take the lost before becoming another laughing joke on the TV.
nyobzoo  +   1429d ago
I didn't like it
Soldierone  +   1429d ago
It was good.....for a late night when nobody is watching ScyFy show....

However after watching it I got a virus, so that just made me hate it even more.....

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