Columbiana Review at Skewed and Reviewed

KeNa reviews Columbiana and despite mixed national reviews, really liked what she saw and awarded the film 5 stars.

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-MD-2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Renewed my faith a little bit that she enjoyed it enough to warrant a perfect score. The reviews it's been getting were pretty disappointing.

Edit: I DID NOT know this was made by Luc Besson. My desire to see it shot up about 4000% (seriously, watch Leon).

Garethvk2093d ago

They did not screen it for the press which is a very bad sign. They asked us to promote an advance screening for the public so we were allowed to go, but had to post the review after it opened.

Sahil2092d ago

Need to see this one, got really good reviews.