New In Time Trailer Clocks In At Nearly 4mins

The latest trailer for the upcoming sci-fi film In Time, starring Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, and Cillian Murphy.

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NXUSco2072d ago

The concept of the film/story is interesting. Looking forward to seeing the movie when it hits theaters.

Sahil2072d ago

The trailer pretty much gives away the whole film O.o

-MD-2071d ago

Yeah my brother said the same thing to me in the theater. Hate when trailers do that.

alycakes2071d ago

This is going to be such an awesome movie to watch though. It doesn't matter if it gives away what the movie is about. I want to see what happens....can you imagine if?

Quagmire2071d ago

Cillian Murphy should've been the lead, not Justin Timberlake. I dunno who gave him the idea he could act.

-MD-2070d ago

Timberlake isn't bad. Cillian Murphy would have been a nice lead though.

Sahil2067d ago

Justin Timberlake is a different kind of actor, would love to see him as Bond.